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Remote access process for non-NHS users

How to apply for a Healthcare Security token:

  1. Please submit an e-mail to with Subject Header ‘N3 Access Agreement Request’. Your e-mail must include the full details of the company name and registered address. Please include your ODS code if known. We’ll then send you an N3 Access Agreement for you to sign and return.
  2. As part of the process of becoming a fully approved AQP, you must confirm that your organisation complies with NPfIT Requirements, Electronic Government Interoperability Framework - IGSoC

    Please establish your requirement access with the particular NHS sponsor organisation(s)  that you are conducting business with so that you can provide the Health and Social Care Information Centre with the detail of the applications. Please review and discuss the Companion Document with your sponsoring NHS organisations, before you apply for IGSOC, and include technical details such as intranet destinations, IP addressing, and WINS/DNS settings with that sponsor.

    There are different pricing options listed in the Companion Document. Please review these so that when you have your Access Agreement and Authority to Proceed (ATP) from IGSOC you will be ready to choose the pricing option that suits you best. When you have your Access Agreement and Authority to Proceed (ATP) from IGSOC, N3 will be notified and will email you to tell you when we are ready to process your quotation.

    To place your order for your Healthcare Security Token for Non-NHS users, please complete and submit the Order Form. You will need to include your Network Access Agreement number (NAAxxxx) on the form. A copy of the IGSOC Access Control Approval email must be sent to N3 together with the completed Companion Document to

    Note - For reasons of token traceability, and security N3 will generate a separate order for each individual token required.
  3. Technical Information required

    Following receipt and  acceptance of your order, the N3 Remote Access Team will request the WINS/DNS information you will have discussed/received from the NHS sponsoring organisation. Please note that settings may be specific to each order/token (if not using default settings),  and the information is required in order to configure your token access correctly.

    You should complete and return your WINS/DNS information (one document per token ordered) to the N3 Remote Access teams.  
  4. Receipt of end user documentation pre-release of token

    The N3 Remote Access Team (RAS)  team will send you information about the order and  token set-up via email and ask you, via voting buttons to confirm receipt of the documentation. Please keep this documentation for your records, as it is specific to each order/token and includes user details, client download information and configuration checklist.
  5. N3 will set up your customer Access Control as requested. The RAS team will despatch the token(s) to you, and send another email,  asking you to confirm receipt of the tokens posted and complete your order.

    You have now completed Stage 5 of 5 of becoming connected to the N3 network.