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Remote Access

Flexible working made simple

To give improved patient care in every Healthcare environment - in GP clinics, in hospitals and in the community - clinicians need access to patients' records anywhere, at any time, via the N3 network.

Healthcare staff in non-clinical roles too can work more flexibly, if the applications and information they use at the office are open to them from their home or when they are on the move.

N3 Remote Access offers a range of benefits in addition to making it fast and easy for Healthcare staff to access the information and applications they need, as they need it, through their preferred mobile device (iPad, Tablet, Smartphone or Laptop). It also harnesses security technology similar to that used by the high street banks, to maintain the confidentiality of patients' records, your data assets and your reputation safe and secure.

What is it?

N3 Remote Access offers staff a secure doorway into N3 from any location, 24/7. It's a two-step process, using a PIN and a random access number generated by the Token. Staff find it as quick and simple as operating a cash machine. There's a choice of options to match the needs of staff in different roles too.

Choice of options to meet your needs

  • N3 Standard Remote Access & N3 Mobile Remote Access: a secure connection into the N3 network for staff on the move
  • N3 Mobile Remote Secure Access: an encrypted connection into and across the N3 network - ideal for those working with data that needs extra protection
  • N3 Non-NHS Remote Access: secure N3 access via the internet, 3G or WiFi for people who work in AQPs (Any Qualified Providers) or other Healthcare providers organisations outside the NHS.


  Win XP Win 7 Win 8 Apple iOS-iPhone and iPad Android Phone Android Tablet Clientless/browser support to web-based applications and intranets

N3 Standard Remote Access(Product Code N3-12-12)

Yes Yes Yes No No No No

N3 Mobile Remote Access(Product Code (N3-12-13)

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

N3 Mobile Remote Secure Access (Product Code N3-12-14)

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

N3 Non-NHS Remote Access (Product Code N3-12-11)

Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

Once you have decided which N3 Remote Access service is right for your requirments, you can get more technical & order information here. if you're a self funding customer, click here.

What to know more?

Call our helpdesk on 0800 085 0503 option 3