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N3 Cloud Connect

Here are your options for connecting to N3 and connecting up your main and branch sites.  Choose an option on the left hand menu based on your organisation size. 

Some things to note about N3:

The N3 network is NOT encrypted.  If you are wanting to run clinical applications over N3 where patient identifiable data is present, your own encryption is required. 

Internet connections and GPRS/3G services are not part of the N3 catalogue and you'll need to arrange them yourself. However, the Health and Social Care Information Centre recommends NHS customers purchase their internet connections and GPRS hardware via the Office of Government Commerce (OGC) Buying Solutions Catalist framework, which includes a number of suppliers who have agreed special rates for the public sector. Tariff information changes regularly, so it is worth checking with OGCbs for current pricing by calling the Catalist helpdesk on 0345 410 2222, or on the web at:

You are able to order these products and solutions directly from the OGC because the NHS Purchasing and Supplies Agency has signed an access agreement on behalf of the whole NHS with the OGC to enable all NHS organisations to purchase from the Catalist framework directly.

For more information you can also contact your telecoms, ISP or mobile provider. You should also check that your ISP is on the approved list (see Service Description online). In the event of any problems please contact your own provider's helpdesk.

What to know more?

Call our helpdesk on 0800 085 0503 option 3