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GP Next Generation Access

Welcome to the GP Next Generation Access programme web page

N3 is upgrading the network technology infrastructure for most GP surgeries, as well as clinics, ambulance stations and other small health sites across England. The programme, called GP Next Generation Access (GP NGA), is led and funded by the Health and Social Care Information Centre (the Health and Social Care Information Centre) and delivered by N3 Service Provider (N3SP) . The GP NGA migration programme began in late July 2012.

With GPs set to drive the NHS modernisation, this programme will ensure that GPs and small sites in England are equipped with the latest super-fast broadband technology to help improve access to clinical applications and services. The programme will deliver the following benefits:

  • increased bandwidth via Next Generation Access connections leading to improved upstream and downstream speeds for users. It should be recognised that not all sites will be fortunate enough to receive a marked improvement as this is subject to product availability and the specific line conditions associated with each individual site.
  • Small sites Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) have been in place since 2004 and many of them have now become life expired. The GP NGA programme will deploy more modern, cost effective CPE and will provide the best possible service based on geography and cost principles
  • Retirement of 1st Generation Access products like ISDN where possible

What are customers saying about the migration process?  

GP Next Generation Access migration was ‘painless and worthwhile' - Leyburn Medical Practice  

Leyburn Medical Practice is a modern, purpose built dispensing practice, offering GP services as well Community Nurses and a Mental Health Team within North Yorkshire and York PCT. The introduction of GP Next Generation Access (GP NGA) has given Leyburn Medical Practice a more modern, cost effective CPE and has provided the best possible service based on geography and cost principles, making a difference to their working environment.

""It's (the connection) definitely faster and smoother. I have noticed an increase in speed on my desktop (using Windows 7 OS) of between 10 and 20 per cent although we have only seen a marginal increase in our legacy IT estate."" Stephen Brown, Managing Partner, Leyburn Medical Practice

The GP NGA installation was completed on Tuesday 06 November 2012. All logistics were pre-arranged before the engineer visited the site.

""The process was trouble-free and took about five minutes in all. It was simply a case of the engineer swapping the old box (Customer Premises Equipment) for a new one. I was particularly impressed that everything appeared to have been thoroughly pre-tested first."" Stephen Brown, Managing Partner, Leyburn Medical Practice

The practice's main use of the N3 broadband connection is to access the National SystemOne clinical records and Stephen says that GP NGA connection ""will definitely help doctors to get work done more efficiently"" and they will therefore be able to spend more time with patients. Stephen's overall view of the GP NGA migration was that it was ""painless and worthwhile.""

What should you do now?

If you haven't already done so, you need to go into the CRM and process the migration options for the sites you are responsible for.  For more details on what you need to do, go to the GP NGA Migration Process.

When you have accepted the migration orders, we will send you an email asking you to complete a webform to give us the exact location of your existing N3 IPStream connections. Please ensure that the information you give us on the webform is accurate; our primary cause of migration failure is incorrect data causing wasted resource and money for both N3SP and the NHS. If the failure is clearly because of information you have provided and subsequently proves to be incorrect, a charge may be raised for your organisation. We do need your and your sites' cooperation in ensuring we can make appointments and continue to meet our delivery timescales to complete the programme by March 2013 as part of the Department of Health Corporate Plan 2012-13

Once you have completed and submitted your webform, you have done all you need to place the order and the delivery process can begin for your new service.

GP NGA Customer Migration Handbook

We have created a handbook which contains all you need to know about the programme including FAQs and other useful information.  The FAQs are also available here.

June 2011 workshops

NHS migration managers were invited to one of seven GP NGA workshops which took place throughout the UK during June 2011.