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User Guides

Name Description Downloadable file
General  .  
N3 Customer Handbook Provides an overview of the services provided and managed by N3SP Sorry, this document is being reviewed.(3.4mb)
N3 Network User Guide The guide combines information from most of the technical information area of this site. Sorry, this document is being reviewed. (392kb)
CRM User Guide Outlines how to place orders, make changes, view reports and update contact information on the N3 CRM  CRM User Guide
Remote Access User Guide Details how to use your N3 remote access token PDF Icon (204kb)
Voice Services     
HUCS Hosted Voice Services telephone handset quick reference guide  A simple guide to using your IP handset  PDF Icon (545kb)
Hosted Voice Services implementation guide The key things to review before implementing Hosted Voice Services  PDF Icon (954kb)
Hosted Voice Services, Analogue Terminal Adapter (ATA) 187 user guide A guide describing the key features available when using the ATA187.  PDF Icon (93kb)
N3 Video Conferencing    
N3 Meeting Manager User guide

A guide to support users of N3 Meeting Manager when using N3 Video Conferencing

 PDF Icon(2.2mb)
N3 Video Conferencing Hints and Tips A quick reference guide to N3 Videoconferencing  PDF Icon (474kb)
N3 Video Conferencing Checklist Cube N3 videoconferencing reference guide in cube format for users (to be printed and collated).  PDF Icon (206kb)
Video Conferencing Poster A poster outlining the benefits of N3 Videoconferencing   PDF Icon (177kb)
Getting Ready guide This guide outlines the preparations that organisations should make before the N3 Managed Video Conference service is delivered  PDF Icon (4.89mb)
N3 Collaborate    
N3 MeetMe user guide This link will take to an on-line guide which will help get the best from the N3 MeetMe service.  N3 MeetMe getting started
N3 Webex user guide This link will take to an on-line guide which will help get the best from the N3 WeBex service.  N3 WeBex getting started