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Case Studies

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N3 Case Study N3 has saved the NHS an estimated £926 million; it comprises more than 12,000 miles of fibre, enough to stretch from London to San Francisco and back; its sustainability initiatives have reduced NHS carbon emission by more than 50,000 tonnes and the N3 internet gateway transfers 600 terabytes of data through its internet gateway every month, which is the equivalent to 600 billion printed A4 pages every 4 seconds.

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N3 Facts & Figures A two page summary of the successes the N3 contract has achieved over the last 10 years.

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QIPP-aligned Case Studies

QIPPTitleContents of case studyDownloadable File
  • Cash releasing: £81,000 pa lower rental charges, free calls, and less capital expenditure
  • Innovation: First deployment of the Featurenet Gateway development
  • Productivity improving: Enhanced collaboration and flexible working
 North Essex North Essex uses N3's Hosted Voice Services to help deliver the QiPP agenda.

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  • Innovation: Cancer networks, telemedicine, and cardiovascular networks save travel and enable faster diagnosis and treatment
  • Productivity improving: In West London video conferencing is saving 5,500 hours of consultant time and 10,000 hours of staff time per annum
N3 Sustainability See the generic case study which explores how N3 Sustainability contributes to today's NHS principles and priorities

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  • Cash releasing: Lower call charges to mobiles, and free calls to other N3 voice-equipped NHS organisations is saving £20,000 per annum
  • Innovation: Provides enhanced business continuity and disaster recovery as an intrinsic part of the package
 NHS Camden NHS Camden releases cash and stays safer by using N3 Hosted Voice Services - download the case study to find out how  

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  •  Cash releasing: £48,000 per annum lower total telecommunications costs
  • Innovation: Using existing data link to provide voice service at reduced cost
  • Productivity improving: Ensuring a smooth transition from one phone system to another with zero downtime
  • Patient experience: Delivering greater resilience to ensure people can still get through even if an exchange is unavailable
Royal Derby Hospital Royal Derby Hospital uses N3 Local Gateway Service to release cash and improve resilience

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  • Cash releasing: £20,000 annual cash saving from lower infrastructure charges. For other trusts implementing video conferencing anew the annual cash saving could be around £150,000, plus additional opportunity cost savings of £800,000
  • Innovation: Using High Definition (HD) technology to enhance patient diagnosis and enable shared learning
  • Productivity improving: Reducing ineffective travel time
  • Patient experience: Better clinical outcome for patients through engagement of remotely based experts
Peterborough & Stamford Hospital

Peterborough & Stamford Hospital is part of the Anglia Cancer Network Multi Disciplinary Team. They use the N3 Managed Video Conferencing Service giving High Definition quality video at a reduced cost to the trust.

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  • Innovation: Pioneering use of video conferencing for stroke assessment and diagnosis, both at A&E and on the ward
  • Patient experience: Far more rapid out-of-hours diagnosis, significantly improving clinical outcomes. Ninety more patients per annum are receiving clot-busting treatment
  • Productivity improving: One consultant provides out-of-hours remote service to five hospitals without travel time or costs
  • Cash releasing: Better and faster diagnosis means lower ongoing care costs, calculated at saving over £500,000 per annum for Surrey
NHS Surrey Telestroke Surrey Stroke team working with N3, designed a video conferencing solution that enables consultants working out of hours at home to view HD quality video conferencing images of  stroke patients in A&E via the N3 COIN.    PDF Icon430(kb)
  •  Productivity improving: Web-based training delivered to the desktop can be imparted within hours instead of weeks, ensuring staff skills are updated more effectively; clinical decisions and discharge planning are speedier
  • Innovation: Web conferencing has been critical in enabling the more timely service rollout of new functionality of RiO electronic patient record system
  • Cash releasing: Training modules completed in under an hour instead of taking a half-day saved £50,000 on Trust RiO training alone
  • Patient experience: Clinicians can confer with each other remotely using a secure connection, ensuring right information at the point of care and optimal care levels
Camden & Islington NHS Foundation Trust  


Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust utilised the N3 WebEx product to deliver its training service


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  • Productivity gains: contributed to productivity improvement of 40 per cent and 150 per cent more time spent with patients
  • Innovation: more creative ways of working with patients can be devised
  • Cash releasing: clinicians don't need to visit the office so often, reducing travel costs and wasted time
  • Patient experience and benefits: more quality time is spent with patients, offering real time expert help when needed
John Taylor Hospice John taylor Hospice is utilising the N3 Mobile Healthworker service to deliver patient care in the community

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  •  Innovation: A resilient cloud-based voice solution that gets much more value from existing N3 network capacity
  • Productivity improving: New services such as interactive voice response, voicemail, and call recording improve efficiency
  • Cash releasing: £200,000 savings per annum in Health and Social Care Information Centre alone with the promise of huge savings across the whole NHS


Health and Social Care Information Centre


Health and Social Care Information Centre uses N3 Hosted Voice Services to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

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Other Case Studies

Product or ServiceTitleContents of case studyDownloadable File
Kable "Enabling the NHS for the future: Unified Communications"

Kable Unified Communications presentation video (9min 20mb)

Kable Unified Communications White Paper (text version)

Kable discuss the White Paper (15 minute video)

Kable explores the range of benefits that can be derived by NHS organisations from the adoption of Unified Communications (UC) using the N3 network.

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COIN Cornwall & Isles of Scilly COIN Cornwall and Isles of Scilly NHS benefit from a Community of Interest Network (COIN) built and managed by N3 that connects over 200 sites, including 17 hospitals. The high bandwidth network allows information and data to be shared almost instantly between doctors and medical staff across the county.  PDF Icon (355kb)
N3 Voice Services Kingston Hospital NHS Trust case study Kingston Hospital NHS Trust have implemented both N3 LGS and HVS services to benefit from greatly reduced communications expediture.  PDF Icon (795kb)
N3 Voice Services Heart of Birmingham Teaching PCT case study Heart of Birmigham Teaching PCT have implemented N3 HVS Small Site solution in Rotton Park medical centre.  PDF Icon (844kb)
N3 Voice Services NHS Direct case study NHS Direct first used N3 to provide data access to a centralised decision support application and datacentre whilst voice traffic between 'hub and spoke' sites was still carried by legacy leased lines, which were not only expensive but also limited the organisation's flexibility. PDF Icon (406kb)
N3 Voice Services West Midlands Ambulance Service case study video West Midlands Ambulance Trust was formed from four Trusts in 2006.  N3 Voice Services was implemented as a cost-effective way of linking the separate Trusts creating a single virtual call centre, giving emergency services across the West Midlands region. WMV file(11.6mb)
N3 Voice Services

North Lincolnshire case study video

North Lincolnshire case study (text version)

North Lincolnshire (North Lincs) PCT and North East Lincolnshire Care Trust Plus (North East Lincs Trust) have used N3 Hosted Voice Services to replace an aging voice system and integrate 11 new sites. 

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