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N3 WebEx

Arranging meetings and sharing information can sometimes be frustrating. Imagine, you are a Medical Director with a team of clinicians based in different locations. There's a change in a medical document that you need to share with them - how can you make sure they all understand the importance of the document? You could email it to them, but then youClinician from John Radcliffe hospital could not be certain they would all read the document. Simple, use the N3 WebEx conferencing service.

N3 WebEx offers a range of features that add a dynamic visual element to any N3 MeetMe audio conference. N3 WebEx enables collaborative working on documents, presentations and other electronic materials and unlike other services, you can choose not to share actual files and maintain the security of patient-sensitive data.  N3 WebEx can also be used to view low resolution scans and pathology information.

N3 WebEx enables you to interact with colleagues and other agencies in your own personal meeting room. The MeetMe service delivers benefits that directly support the QIPP initiative in the NHS.

WebJoin offers you a quicker and easier way to arrange and join a web conference

It couldn't be simpler to register for an N3 WebEx account online. 

If you want to order multiple accounts please contact the N3 Help desk on 0800 085 0503 option 3.


What to know more?

Call our helpdesk on 0800 085 0503 option 3