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N3 Video Conferencing

Many Trusts are already using video conferencing and are seeing the benefits in saving time and money, as well as improved clinical outcomes for patients.

The NHS is one of the largest contributors to CO2 in the UK and video conferencing has been shown as key in reducing travel and hence helping to save the planet. The N3 Managed Video Conferencing Service will give all the benefits of existing systems with the additional benefits of a national NHS directory, 24/7 help desk, free calls* and an easy-to-use on-line booking system. Vid conf 1

Video conferencing can be a simple conversation between two people point-to-point or involve several different sites multi-point with a number of people at each site.

Why N3 Video Conferencing?

The N3 Managed Video Conferencing Service is easy and simple to set-up (there's one common NHS platform with no expensive infrastructure to purchase) and easy-to-use (supported by 24/7 online and telephone help when you need it).  There is a choice of well featured competitively priced endpoint equipment to choose from.  

There are two versions of service; the Managed Service and the Pay As You Go (PAYG) Service.

The Managed Service is designed for regular users - there is a one off set up charge and an annual fee for each end point.  You get a fully supported service including access to N3 Meeting Manager which is an easy-to-use on line call booking system.

The Pay As You Go (PAYG) Service is designed for occasional users (less than 45 mins a month) of video conferencing.  You will pay a one off set up fee and a per minute charge for each end point.

*Video conferencing calls are free over the N3 network


What to know more?

For sales enquiries call our Client Engagement team on 0800 085 0503 option 3


"The NHS is the largest public sector contributor to climate chaos in this country."

Dr David Pencheon, Director of NHS Sustainability Development Unit